The Heart of Texas Corvette Club is a vibrant and passionate community of Corvette enthusiasts based in the beautiful city of Temple, Texas. Founded on a shared love for the iconic American sports car, our club brings together individuals who appreciate the thrill of the open road and the camaraderie that comes with owning a Corvette.

The Heart of Texas Corvette Club is more than just a group of Corvette owners. We are a tight-knit family bound together by our shared passion for these exceptional cars and our desire to make a difference. Through our social gatherings, car shows, and community events, we foster lasting friendships and create memorable experiences for our members.

If you are a Corvette enthusiast who believes in giving back to the community and forging connections with like-minded individuals, we invite you to join us. Together, we can drive change, support our veterans, inspire future automotive professionals, and bring smiles to the faces of children in need. Welcome to the Heart of Texas Corvette Club, where the power of our Corvettes extends far beyond the open road.


We want to sincerely thank all our sponsors, HOTCC members, vendors, participants, and volunteers who made the 2023 HOTCC Car Show a huge success!

To see pics from the show, click the link below:

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